Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kudzu and honeysuckle

Some dreams never seem to die as definitively as others, maybe the beauty of those vagaries is that they remain hopeful after years of neglect. Like an antebellum home with white paint peeling artistically from the walls, with kudzu and honeysuckle growing into and out of the windows, embroidering the edifice with green knots, coral and saffron blooms. Beautiful and hopeful, inspiring lovely visions of summer days spent repairing swinging shutters and decaying floorboards, inspiring even lovelier visions of future Christmases gathered in the ballroom around a grand piano, friends from all corners of the globe gathered to see your miraculous recovery of something nearly forgotten. Naturally, the vision is much more beautiful than the actuality would be. In actuality, the building would probably crash around you. But maybe the vision is enough.

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  1. I was just talking about this... dreams of the nighttime variety, or dreams of the aspiration sort, or even more odd: visions- little flashes of memory from a place or time, even sometimes places and times you have not truly experienced... the mind is astounding- there is so much within.


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